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Stop and look around – you are the change.

So often, we forget, dismiss and downplay how and what women achieve. We somehow feel that our accomplishments are not just our own, but shared with a collective or due to some other person or reason.

Maybe it’s our discomfort with praise, or our instinctive nature to make sure no one feels left out, or simply because we are just not able to accept that we did something really well.

For us, this International Women’s Day is about taking the time to celebrate our wins, because too often, we don’t. Not only should we recognise our own accomplishments, but those of other women too. Here are the women we feel don’t get their due, and need to be showcased for the heroes they are:


For choosing to take-on that hardest job out there – often with little recognition and reward. Showering becomes optional, children take up almost all your free time, and careers can sometimes pay the price. To our own Moms and the Moms of today - whether you choose to get back to your paying job or stay home to raise your children, you are making the ultimate sacrifice and we see you!

Teachers and parent volunteers

For being the 9 to 5 caregivers of our children. For teaching them not just the core subjects, but how to work with others, to respect their peers and to persevere – and some of you volunteer for this job! This is right up there as one of the hardest jobs in the world (see above).

Fellow women in the workplace

Whether reporting to, or working alongside other women, we see how you take the time to really listen to ideas and offer other women a platform to share and own them. You provide advice and back-up your colleagues when personal lives get in the way of work. You do it with grace and no expectations – hats off!


You are the next generation of leaders. You will do great things because of the Moms, teachers, volunteers and women in the workforce that are paving the path for you. You have a solid platform on which you will continue to build, and our tomorrow will be better because of it. You got this!

Change is the only constant and there is always room for improvement on women’s rights and gender equality. Yes, it’s International Women’s Day, but every day should be a time to celebrate the change-makers and do-gooders that are shaping the future of women – let’s make this happen..

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