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The experience of blogging

A blog – or weblog for those using its full, formal name – is seen as an expression of thoughts or ideas on the internet, that can be posted by pretty much anyone. While this may have started out as a diary-style of writing for some, it’s now caught on with many companies and brands who are using blogs to increase their own popularity.

What’s the point?

The point can be just about anything, which gives the writer the freedom to express exactly what’s on their mind…that’s what makes a blog so simple and attractive to so many who use this as a forum for their thoughts, opinions or interests. But, for the readers, it’s a topic that interests them or something they want to learn more about or – and this is where the real marketing comes in – it’s on a product or service they’re thinking of buying. It’s common knowledge that word of mouth is the best type of advertising for a company, which is why so many are opting to write blogs - thus increasing awareness for their brand. Whether writing about a tangible product or service or offering an opinion on business-related topics, like leadership or employee engagement, their objective for a blog remains the same: engaging their readers.

In achieving this, a company’s blog can be a trusted source of relevant information, which can be easily shared. What’s more, they can track the readership, shares, likes, and conversion on a post, all while building their following, which is very important to them.

So, keep it simple…

Everyone knows the K.I.S.S. approach and, while it may sound cheesy, it really does apply here! If done well, that is, creating content that highlights the leaders, products/services along with their potential clients, the benefits of blogging should come up in the form of strong analytics and readers’ responses, which translates into following.

Most importantly, a good blog stands out with current topics that often make an impression and go against the grain. Blogging on more common topics that other bloggers are also writing about will not stand out in a crowd and it definitely won’t keep the readers coming back for more.

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