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Online shopping: no experience necessary

Almost every holiday movie has that scene where the entire family piles into the car, heads to the mall – where crowds are bustling, and carols are playing – to do their holiday shopping. They then head home, bags in hand, to wrap their gifts.

I’ve never done that and, to be honest, I don’t know many people who have. While it looks fun in the movies, standing in line, pushing through crowds – all while sweating in our winter coats – doesn’t feel very festive; and why do that when you can buy it all from the comfort of your own sofa?

Not only is holiday online shopping extremely popular, it’s also become extremely simple; so simple, in fact, there’s been growth in mobile shopping. This means people are shopping from their smartphones, allowing them to score deals on whatever they’re looking for and get it delivered (quickly!) to their door – all while sitting through holiday dinners or family gatherings.

With little brand loyalty, 67% of online shoppers will buy from any provider that comes up when they search, “where to buy…” – a very common search this time of year.[1]

To retailers, that can be a pretty scary statistic; if online shoppers have little to no brand loyalty, how do they get them to buy their specific products? While it all starts with the right marketing strategy, the online retail world requires a little more effort. This means finding ways to appeal to shoppers’ emotions and psyche with brand attributes that mean enough to them to alter their choices. And, of course, there’s social media; without a strong online presence, how will retailers be seen? This means building their following (using tools like Facebook, YouTube, and blogging) and getting their brand ambassadors to “like” and therefore “share” their products. It’s essentially the “word of mouth” of the internet. As a refresher, check out our recent blog posts: Social Media – a game changer for your business and 2B or not 2B? It can be 2C as well!

Along with this, online retailers should begin showcasing their hot products and deals as early as October, which, believe it or not, is when holiday shopping actually begins (not Black Friday, as we all thought!).[2]

So, if you prefer to watch the Griswold’s and not really be like them, once you’ve put away the Halloween decorations, pick up your phone and get in early on some of those deals.

[1] Eberhard, Emily (2017, October) Holiday shoppers want more help in a hurry—here’s how to succeed this season.

[2] Shahid, Sajjad (2018, September 17) Ecommerce Holiday Spending Statistics, Trends and Insights 2018 [Infographics].

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