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The clutter itself is complicated enough, shouldn’t decluttering be simple?

There are many articles that talk about the psychology behind decluttering and why some may be afraid to start this process as it requires getting rid of things that were once meaningful or valuable but, sadly, no longer are. That’s a lot of undue pressure for something as simple as cleaning out your basement or closet!

Rather than go through the clutter personality types out there (although if you are interested in finding out which one you are, check out Which Clutter Personality Type Are You?), we’ve put together some quick tips on how we like to take on this seemingly daunting task – they may not work for everyone but sometimes, all we need is a little push to get started.

Do this at least a couple of times a year

To ensure unnecessary pileup that will only result in more work when you finally do get to it, try decluttering at least a couple of times a year. A good rule of thumb can be with every change of season; as the snow starts to melt and everyone is into spring cleaning, use this opportunity to get rid of whatever you haven’t used in a while.

Start with one room/space at a time

Start with one area of the house at a time, whether it’s a bedroom, kitchen or even a small space like your closet, then work your way through to the remaining areas. This will help you feel like you have a decluttering plan and it will seem less overwhelming.

Ask yourself this…

With a trash bag or box in hand, ready to collect the items for donation, ask yourself a few important questions such as: “How often do I use this?”, “Can I think of someone or an organization that needs it more?”.[i] Don’t fret about what exactly to ask yourself but more about what comes to mind when you come across a certain item or piece of clothing; you may find that the decision on what to do with it comes quite naturally.

While some say this can be a very emotional process, a more glass-half-full approach would be to think of decluttering as a cleansing experience for your surroundings and personal space. So, go ahead and make some room for more good stuff to come your way!

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