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Video marketing – how to measure your success

Part 2 of 2 of our series on video marketing. Check out part 1 of this series, Video marketing – why this is the future for an introduction to the benefits, growth and how to get started with video marketing.

In the first part of this series, Video marketing – why this is the future, we addressed why, how and when to get started with incorporating video marketing in your overall marketing strategy. We addressed the benefits and the considerations to having a sound strategy in place before getting started – which includes, measuring success.

When you’re spending money on a quality video or video series, one of the key elements in making sure that your money is well spent is being able to effectively measure that the video achieved its objectives. Setting out one or two objectives like increasing brand awareness, conversion or engagement are some examples of the types of key performance indicators (KPI) that should be included in your strategy.

A typical metric to consider includes video engagement, which essentially measures how long a viewer stayed with the video. This can be especially important for those videos that have a CTA at the very end, when a potential customer may have already dropped off. If the goal of the video is to generate awareness, then having a customer view just part of the video is not nearly as detrimental. According to Curata, the three most effective types of video are customer testimonials, tutorial videos and demonstration videos.[1]

Some other typical KPIs include rate of play, click-through (typically to a company website), social media sharing and lastly, video conversion rates.

Measuring success – in practice

Bart Kuczewski, founder of the multi-media agency BKDSN has a process in place that A/B tests video content with the audience and then, from metrics and feedback, he’s able to recommend a specific approach to his clients. He says, “video content is best consumed and truly effective if the proper testing is done.” He goes on to say, “we recommend a tiered approach with video content, where we create 2 or 3 very short videos that test different styles and we share them to see which resonates best with the audience. Based on the metrics we collect; we then create a full-scale video using the style which best performed in the testing phase.”

BKDSN is a Montreal-based agency curating visual experiences designed to connect with their client’s audiences.

This approach is quite effective, and more and more companies are using it. When you spend a considerable amount of time and money on a marketing tactic, you want to make sure that it will be the most effective.

What makes for a good video?

All marketers will want for their video content to achieve the goals set out at the start of the process. Whether that goal is awareness or conversion, the ends need to justify the means, however success is relative.

In recent years, there have been so many successful amateur videos on YouTube reaching several million views and shares; there have also been many incredibly creative, richly developed videos from some the heavy hitter brands like Nike and Budweiser.

For Bart, some of his proudest work is when he and his team can engage from the early stages with a client and be part of the creative process. One such example is their work with Brother International which includes over 100 product videos and really puts the printers and scanners with their advanced features on full display. “We’ve built what feels like a partnership,” according to Bart. “We’ve gotten to know them and understand their needs and together, with their marketing team, we’ve built a series of visually stunning videos including 1000s of images spanning close to a 10-year history together.”

It’s obvious that videos are visually appealing, easy to consume – it’s what makes this a growing trend among companies and their marketing teams. But, as is the case with any marketing tactic one uses to reach their target audience, testing and measuring its success is key to making sure your marketing dollars are well spent!

[1] (2018, August 3). Digital Marketing Institute. How to measure success in you video marketing campaign.

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