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5 ways to stay busy (that don’t include work)

We’re all trying to maintain a normal work-from-home schedule, but it’s important to find time for other activities and hobbies that might also help alleviate the stress many of us are feeling. (For more on dealing with stress, check out the recent blog post, “Stressed much? How about a sensory approach...”)

Here are a few things we’ve been up to that don’t involve our jobs:

- Read; while it seems like everyone is binge-watching Netflix, exercising the mind and reading something other than your emails can be relaxing. We’ve swapped some good reads (we leave books on each other’s doorstep with no contact, of course!), which is also a great money-saver and good for the environment.

- Listen to podcasts; try listening to a podcast that isn’t related to your work. Instead, search podcasts on topics that interest you, but you’ve never fully explored.

- Try some new cooking or baking recipes.

- Organize your workspace; many of us were forced to put together makeshift home offices on the fly; take a few minutes to reset and create the right space so you can be productive – it could be your dining room table, but it’s still important to feel equipped and ready to take on this new normal. Tip: do this on Sunday, it will give you a fresh start to the week ahead.

- Yard clean-up; hardware stores and nurseries are open, giving us the perfect opportunity to spruce up our homes and yards, making way for sunnier days ahead!

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