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Finding balance is elusive, so don’t bother

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

by Sabrina Colafabio

Work – life balance…I think of this term often. I’ve been told, like many of you, to always seek balance in life, whether that be with diet or work and while the former is likely a sound and healthy decision, the latter may not be.

Balance implies that you must have an equal counterpart in something else to achieve a proper equilibrium, but the fact is, with work and life, rarely does that happen.

There are moments when work is overwhelming but exciting and times when it’s quiet and boring, and the same can be said of life. What works for some, does not work for others so expecting that a scale creating a balance between two equally important parts of your being is equal and the same for everyone is preposterous.

I’ve been reading about work-life flow, and this seems to make more sense to me. As an entrepreneur, I’m able to practice this and many corporations are moving in this direction too. It is the understanding that life and the things that come your way in life work in ebbs and flows and that there are moments of your day, week and month which may require more of you at work and less of you at home, and vice-versa. Creating a work environment which allows the flexibility to work, at a location and time that works best for you and your family/life situation is what is really beneficial to employees and employers alike.

Work is an important part of life and treating it as such is a sound starting point. Finding a “flow” that works best for you and your family is likely more attainable and less stressful than aiming to achieve a “balance”. Corporations that embrace this way of thinking will also benefit from employees who will give the best of themselves to their jobs at the moments of the day/week that work ideally for them. Setting parameters and putting tools in place to make sure that boundaries are respected as much as project timelines, make work-life flow attainable. The benefits of this are happy and engaged employees that are more productive at work.

Embracing this thinking and way of life is about employees and corporations flowing together so that there is a mutual understanding and respect for life outside of work and the fulfillment work brings to one’s life.

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