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If you don’t have anything nice to say…now’s not the time

Communication is key in pretty much every aspect of our lives, from basic conversation with a spouse or friend to emails, texts and work-related messages sent out electronically. No matter the type or method, we’re responsible for what we say (and very often, how we say it).

Under regular circumstances, a company’s message is what we might often call their tagline and, if done well, it sticks in people’s minds for a very long time. We’re now in a new normal, where messages and what’s being communicated change daily; people are listening very closely and hanging on every word. So, what a brand does in response to any event is actually speaking to their listeners (i.e. target market and loyal product users). We saw an example of this with Nike and their response to Kobe’s death earlier this year; rather than restock their inventory with his limited edition sneakers, Nike let the shoes sell out to show they weren’t going to cash in on a so-called opportunity, they were mourning with the rest of the world.[1]

Lately, every day, we find ourselves checking our news feeds and tuning in to live press conferences, trying to read between the lines of the lengthy messages being sent. Most of us, not really knowing any better or not having any experience in this type of situation, do what they’re asking.

Whether you’re a well-known brand or a small business or just writing to stay busy during these very long days, be mindful of your message. Your followers are listening very closely – maybe more so lately - and their loyalty rests on what you say or do.

[1] Morgan, Blake. January 28, 2020 How Nike is Grieving Kobe Bryant and Why It Matters, Forbes,

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