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Keeping the connection

Tonia Verni

Recently, keeping our connections close has gone beyond just our personal lives, it’s now a major part of our everyday professional relationships too. Like many others, our team is working apart; here are some of the things have helped us when it comes to staying connected while working remotely.

- Video chat daily; and to add to that, schedule these calls so that everyone is present and can work this time into their other tasks (whether work or family related).

- Keep up the office banter; this may sound silly but ask how your team is doing or what they did over the weekend. Casual conversations lighten the mood and are a nice break from the same news everyone is talking about.

- Send daily roundups even if it’s via email or text; goals should be set and it’s important to keep team members in the loop as to whether or not they’ve been met and how, why, etc.

Moreover, businesses are working hard to stay in touch with their clients, followers and community as well. Some tips on how to do this include:

- Keeping your clients and followers posted on what you’re doing to stay focused during this time.

- Checking in with them individually – it doesn’t have to be business-related; it can be simply to say hello!

- Similar to what we do with our teams, schedule video calls with clients to go over some of the initiatives you continue to work on.

With all of these things, the most important is patience and straightforwardness. While we try to keep the workday routine going with scheduled calls and daily goals, everyone has personal lives that require attention too; so, if something gets pushed over or postponed to the next day, we speak up and that’s really ok.

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