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Why brand management is so important, now more than ever

by Sabrina Colafabio

As marketers, we are operating in an everchanging environment which requires a heightened awareness of the external factors which can affect your business and your brand. Whether it is a global pandemic, a growing social movement or awareness of the effect’s humans have on the environment, businesses need to be clear where they “stand” with respect to these shifts. We would argue this is more important now than ever before because of a brand’s use of social media to connect with their customers, and vice-versa.

We believe there are 3 core things you must do to enhance and preserve your brand value through the quickly changing world we operate in:

1) Always remind your customers who you are and why you exist. This isn’t a new and bold strategy, but one that stands the test of time. Brand voice, value and core beliefs can become diluted over time and frankly, forgotten by the public if they are aren’t repeated and illustrated through the work that you do. There is no better way to stay focused on who you are than to remind your customers about why you exist. In particular, we would add that having messaging developed around your beliefs and sharing it through your social media posts, websites and product /service promotion is the best way to be clear on the message.

2) Stay true to your values. This is done by creating a corporate culture that embraces them, and change starts from the top. It is difficult to ask your employees and customers to believe in your values if management isn’t showing a strong belief in them either. This creates brand confusion and mismanagement and over time, can wind up killing your brand value. Employees and customers are your best ambassadors, but they won’t support your brand if they don’t feel management supports it fully.

3) Lastly, always make it right. It happens that companies mess up. Whether it be an executive who has come under fire or a corporate message that was not carefully crafted or a marketing campaign that offended, it is important to apologize, and make-up. Do not make excuses and above all, don’t stay silent and hope it goes away. We live in a call-out culture and if brands do not do anything, it is a sign of complacency and there is no room for that. It is more important to stand for something, than not to stand for anything.

Many brands like Nike, Reddit and Dove have taken a stance on several social issues affecting the world today and while it may have certainly offended some, it has also raised their profile with many others. More importantly though, the consistency with which they continue to align their brands with particular social movements is what will make them memorable.

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